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On. The Clock

Our theme for that year was “On the Clock”, and even with a late start each girl went on to earn at least 50 medals, totaling over 300 medals in one season. These kids were phenomenal and were certainly building the foundation for the club we know today. All of them qualified in multiple events at the 2017 AAU Jr. Olympics in Michigan and we walked away with 1 All-American and 2 Top 10 finishes. There will be documentary coming out eventually about that year because it is one we will never forget, they were original 7.

To this point our Florida branches had been dominating the track circuit and had created a reputation of dominance in the area. The Wolf knew it was time for Virginia to make its move. With the help of his lead recruiter Mrs. Woods we were able to expand the Virginia original 3 to 25 of our own to the club. This was our organizational dream to have what we call a Spartan Chosen Family reunion at these national meets. This a great time of year where our athletes can come together, connect and dominate even though we are from different parts of the world. We often do workout challenges throughout the year pushing each other to greatness while fostering a little sibling rivalry throughout the branches. All in good fun because together we are just one passionate family that loves to win. The 2019 the AAU Junior Olympics were in Greensboro North Carolina that year. We were able to bring home 5 All-American Medals between all three states. We were expecting more but unfortunately we caught the injury bug that season as a club. Nevertheless, we did have several top 20 and top 10 finishers in their respective events to go along with those 5 All-American Medals.


Prepare For Glory


Embrace the Hunt

2021 was a year to be remembered for the Spartan Chosen Track Team! We had a phenomenal showing on the track all over the country. We started our National Journey in Eugene, Oregon where we had 8 of our athletes compete right after and on the same track as the US Olympic trails. Shortly there after, we traveled to Reno, NV where we had 9 athletes compete in the West Coast AAU Nationals. Then to cap off the season, we brought the team down to Houston where 70 of our athletes competed against 15 thousand of the best youth track and field athletes in the Nation. Aside from the honor of advancing so many athletes to these prestigious stages, as an organization, we walked away with 34 All American Medals, and 9 National Championships to show for the hard work these kids put in all season long. We excelled in events like the 100m Dash, 200m Dash, 100m Hurdles, 400m Hurdles, 4x100m Dash, 1500m Race walk, Long Jump, Triple Jump, High Jump, and Turbo Javelin, in various age groups. 9 of our seniors will be continuing their athletic careers in college this year on scholarship at schools like Harvard, Virginia Tech, Virginia Commonwealth University, Norfolk State University, James Madison University, Ferris University, Delaware State University, Old Dominion University and Lincoln University. We are already looking forward to our indoor season where we can pick up the ball and keep on rolling! 


The Takeover

In 2018, our team expanded from 7 to a 33 athlete roster with an additional wing of the team opening up in Central Florida, run by Glen Stanley Jr, the Chief Business Development officer of Spartan Chosen, LLC and Secretary of Spartan Chosen Cares, Inc. This was also the year the Northern Virginia Branch was started with a small team of 3 girls 7/8 year old girls. As you can see we were founded on girl power! Collectively with all three branches, we won’t even begin to recall the medals earned throughout the year, but let just say we had begun making our mark in the track and field space all over the country. This was themed as the “The Takeover” year. By this time we’d broken many local, regional, and state records and had every single athlete qualify for the 2018 AAU Junior Olympics in Des Moines, Iowa. Though not every one could travel to the Olympics that year, we travelled 22 hard working Spartans between the three locations. All 3 branches met at the olympics that year and took care of business. We finished with 7 All-Americans in the girls 13/14 group in the 4x100m dash, 100m dash, 200m dash and High Jump. 

Honor The Code

Last year may have been the toughest journey of them all. We hit and heavily impacted by Covid-19, however with hard work and non-stop dedication we prevailed with more medals then ever. Like a wise grandma used to say “Won’t he do it?” This year team brought home 19 All-American Medals and 3 National championships with only 11 athletes from the AAU Jr Olympic Games in Satellite, FL. We medaled in events like the 100m Dash, 100m Hurdles, 200m Dash, 200m Hurdles, Long Jump, 4x100m Dash and the Discus. We took National Championship honors in the 200m Dash, the Long Jump and the Boys 13-14 4x100m Dash. Unfortunately, we fell just short in the 100m boys 14-year-old 100m dash, 100m and 200m hurdles and the 18-year-old 4x100m relay, where we took second place finishes by a matter of milliseconds. 


The Full Story

Our journey started in 2017 with a phone call and vision. Brett Stanley, the President of Spartan Chosen Cares, Inc., the Chief Marketing Officer of Spartan Chosen, LLC and well decorated coach out of the Tallahasse, Florida area, made a call up north to the Wolf. He said he had 7 girls with the talent, the drive, and the commitment to be molded in to greatness. Coach said let’s start a track team. At this point the Spartan Chosen organization as a whole had been running strong for 3 years in sports development for athletes, training, and player marketing, however our 501c3 non-profit branch was only in its elementary stages. Make no mistake about it, our philanthropy in the community was present from the very beginning, but we wanted to take our efforts into overdrive and this was our opportunity! The Wolf gave the go, Coach Brett lead the way and the rest was history! 


Stronger Together

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