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Spartan Law

The mission of Spartan Chosen is to develop the total youth athlete by building them up and cultivating the three major aspects of mind, body, and soul. Also, ensuring the athletes success both on and off the track. Creating honest productive young men and women who will be leaders in the community.



  • Athletes must attend all practice sessions (except for good cause). A call or written (text or email) excuse should be provided to the Head Coach. Failure to attend practices without good cause can disqualify the athlete from the upcoming scheduled track meet

  • VIRGINIA: Practice is scheduled to be held at Thomas Edison or Hayfield High School track facility. (Unless otherwise directed by FCPS based on the spring athletic schedule)

  • FLORIDA: Practice is scheduled to be held at Forest High School track facility.

  • PARENTS: Please make proper arrangements to have your athlete on time for practice sessions (Tardiness will result in extra running). Also, please make sure transportation arrangements are in place for your athlete to be picked up after practice.

  • Practices can run anywhere from 1 hour and 15 minutes and no later than 2 hours depending on the time of season and nature of the meet.

  • To prevent injuries – absolutely no horseplay.

  • Athletes should be dressed in the proper Spartan Chosen practice uniforms or apparel

  • Equipment should be used for the intended purposes only.



  • Parents not designated as coaching assistants by the Head Coach should not interfere during practice sessions or track meets. Comments and/or suggestions should be directed to the President Parent/Volunteer Coordinator or any Board member outside of competition days.

  • It is up to the discretion of the head coach to select your athlete’s competition events for each meet. The head coach will strive to place athletes in events in which they will be most successful in.

  • Support the club by volunteering to help with practices and fundraising events.

  • Support the coaches and staff. They are volunteers giving their personal time.

  • Exhibit good sportsmanship toward all athletes, coaches, chaperones and officials at practices and track meets.

  • Encourage your athlete(s) to respect a coach’s decision.



  • Respect and Honor is the code that we live by in everything we do.

  • The word “Can’t” or any variation of the word does not exist to us. Please refer to Philippians 4:13. Use of the word “can’t” will result in a timed 400m to be completed at the conclusion of practice.

  • Be open to learning and training at every practice.

  • Support all athletes on the team.

  • We don’t lie to each other.

  • Always display good sportsmanship on and off the field.

  • Be respectful to coaches, chaperones, parents, officials and other competitors at all times.

  • Athletes are considered brothers and sisters on this team, consequently there will be absolutely no inter team dating or anything of the sort. Failure to comply with this rule can result in immediate dismissal from the team. This is non-negotiable.

  • All athletes must perform well academically year-round, not just in season. Coaches will consult with parents concerning grades and behavior in school.

  • All athletes should eat balanced diets and drink plenty of water before, during and after practice.

  • Athletes not only represent Spartan Chosen but also their community and family.

  • We do not quit, ever! No Retreat, No Surrender. It’s Spartan Law.

  • No whining or negative thoughts or expressions, because it can destroy your success and the chemistry and success of the team as a whole.



  • You will have some aches and pains from training, that is natural (such as muscle soreness). These types of injuries will dissipate with the rest and recovery plans that will be built into the overall training program.

  • Persistent muscle soreness however can be a problem or lead to other problems and should be communicated to a coach.

  • Any ache or pain outside of normal soreness should be reported to the coach. It will then be determined if the ache or pain is a natural outcome of training or if further investigation by the trainer is needed.

  • Athletes are expected to communicate all injuries to their event coach before going to the trainer.

  • Athletes unable to practice or compete should attend practice unless they are receiving treatment for their injury. You can help at practice, support teammates, and receive event specific instruction



  • Please arrive at meets at least 1 hour prior to competition fully dressed in both the uniform and sweats selected for each particular meet.

  • During a meet you cannot pull yourself out of an assigned event unless you receive permission from the head track coach. You cannot leave a meet before the completion of the final event.

  • Athletes receiving an award must wear their team warmups or jersey, or a T-shirt with the Chosen name on it while receiving their award.

  • You are expected to cheer on your teammates; on the track, in the throwing area, and jumping pits. They put in just as much time and effort as you do, show them your support.

  • Leaving garbage on the field or around the tent is completely unacceptable. Be responsible for your belongings, including trash. If our area is left a mess after the meet the entire team will have to deal with the consequences.

  • Always wear sweatpants to warm-ups. Keeping your “engine” warm is vital for success and to prevent injury.



  • Profanity or foul language will not be tolerated. (That is to include the word can’t)

  • Fighting will not be tolerated.

  • Bullying will not be tolerated.

  • Any other unacceptable behavior outside of good moral standing at practice or on trips will not be tolerated.

  • Absolutely no alcohol, tobacco, or drug use, period.

  • Again, absolutely no inter-team dating, or fraternizing will be tolerated. We are a family and athletes must conduct themselves as brothers and sisters.


  • The coaching staff will initiate appropriate verbal warnings to any athlete who disobeys team rules.

  • The coaching staff will inform the parent coordinator or board member to speak with athlete’s parent about behavior problem(s). If behavior continues, further review by head coach and board can result in athlete’s suspension or removal from the team.

  • Please note that the head coach can expel an athlete from the team immediately if his/her behavior is determined to be very disruptive and detrimental to the team.

  • Misconduct at school, home or in the community can result in suspension or dismissal from the team.

  • Excessive tardiness to practices results in an extra mile of running

  • Not wearing the appropriate spartan chosen issued practice gear will also result in extra running.

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The coaches and staff with Spartan Chosen will make sure to uphold the recommended standards for continuing sports according to the CDC guidelines  This means:

  • We will make sure Athletes will practice social distancing 

  • Athletes are required to bring and wear appropriate masks 

  • Athletes can bring their own hand sanitizers (coaches will have some for everyone as well)

  • Athletes will bring their own water bottles no sharing with others. 

  • Temperatures will be taken before practice and meets 

  • All equipment will be properly sanitized before and after meets and practices

  • We want to make sure we keep our families safe! So, if your athlete feels sick or is experiencing any COVID like symptoms please contact one of the coaches and stay home!

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