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All season long athletes will be required to attend weekly practices at the discretion of each branches head coach. All practices and/or training session unless otherwise stated are MANDATORY. Practice is necessary for the development of the athletes as well as for the performance of the club as well. We are an elite organization, and we hold our athletes accountable, just as our coaches are held accountable for their performance and conduct. We do understand that in RARE occasions family emergencies to occur and we will excuse absences in those rare cases. However, if you become aware that your athlete will miss practice or an event, please your coach know as soon as possible so we are aware of the situation. Unexcused absences or tardiness to practice and/or training sessions may result in additional running for your individual athlete and for the team as a whole. If this a recurring theme, meet suspensions may be enforced. These enforcements are left up to the discretion of the head coach.


This summer will be hot as always. It is imperative that our athletes maintain a healthy and balanced diet. Our diet is directly related to our performance. We take nutrition very seriously as an organization and we will provide you with structured guidelines on expected nutrition consumption throughout the season.

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